Sam Collins / Jailhouse Blues

01 Devil in the Lion's Den
02 Slow Mama Slow
03 The Jail House Blues
04 Riverside Blues
05 New Salty Dog
06 Yellow Dog Blues
07 Pork Chop Blues
08 Dark Cloudy Blues
09 Hesitation Blues
10 It Won't Be Long
11 Do That Thing
12 I Want to Be Like Jesus in My Heart
13 Loving Lady Blues
14 Midnight Special Blues
15 Lead Me All The Way
16 Graveyard Digger's Blues
17 The Worried Man Blues (with John D. Fox)
18 The Moanin' Blues (with John D. Fox)
19 Signifying Blues
20 I'm Still Sitting On Top Of The World
21 Lonesome Road Blues
22 My Road Is Rough And Rocky (How Long, How Long?)

(recorded 1927-1931)

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